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Bernland Contact Centers are the perfect fit for handling and excelling in your company’s customer support. Why? Because we scale up and down to the business’ needs, but always deliver cost effective, fun, and professional customer service that is ideal for your brand.

The Most Cost Effective and Most Awesome Contact Center Solution.

Human Transactions Are Always More Effective

Want the best customer experience? Then go the tried and true with a professional, full trained, customer support representitive.

Trusted by 100s of companies and clients

Bernland has worked for companies large and small who want to find the best off shore contact center solutions for their brands.

Let Our Professionals Take Care of the Rest

From the first call to seeing your agents in action, give Bernland a try and check customer support off your company’s tasks for good.

Professional Customer Support Services for Any Industry

From luxury, to restaurants, to simple order or reservation taking, go with Bernland Contact Centers

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Professional Contact Center Services

So what is Bernland Customer Support? It is a wide array of services that can be just one service or the full product of 360 degree customer services customized to the customer experience your company wants to be known for, delivered everyday.

Social Media Support

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Multiple Languages

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Chat & Text (SMS)

Chat bots are clearly bots. When another person in on the other end your customers will know. Bernland can provide agents that respond to texts or online chats and provide the information needed fast.

Virtual Reception

Post Covid-19 world, we don’t need to hire a full-time on site employee to handle general calls. Hire a Bernland agent who will provide an ideal customer experience for a fraction of the cost.

Appointment Taking

Does your company need a simple, cost-effective, but friendly way of taking appointments, reservations or e-commerce orders? Bernland has the perfect solution.

Technical Help

Need an educated, trained and technical agent that can handle complex data and instructions. Bernland has it! Many of our agents handle clients in the SaaS, I.T., cryptocurrency and web development industries.

Trusted by the
Worldโ€™s Leading Companies

Both the neighborhood dentist office and large superstore call centers have trusted Bernland with their customer support functions. We place the white glove on and give a service that perfectly fits that company’s size, goals, or budget.

Best in Quality

The Bernland standards are the best in the industry. Our training, optimization, and rewarding performance programs is how we stand by our service.

Best in Price

With so many off shore solutions, Bernland does not sacrifice on quality with the much more cost effective option.

Why You Need
Professional Customer Support

Everyone knows the brands and companies that provide great customer support. Why? Because people trust them and spread the word and become loyal to that company for life.


To Increase Brand Loyalty


Upsell and Increase Revenue


Stand Out From Your Competition




Successful Interactions

Trusted by the World’s Leading Companies

“Bernland Contact Centers are the Cadillacs of BPO”

They're a boutique firm, at least it feels like that. Attentive to our needs no matter how large or small.

– John H

I had to start and end and end and start over and over again, and Bernland had no issue.

– Derrick Hanson

The team we have is like a TV show cast. That's how friendly and fun they are.


I would classify their service as "preventive" - they knew where issues would be and found ways to prevent them.

Brandon Waller

We’re Ready to Elevate Your Customer’s Experience To The Next Level

Reach out to Steven for questions, general quotes or how to explain further what sets Bernland apart from the other centers.


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